The Buttrose Family operate Augusta Quarries, located at Mambray Creek in the Flinders Ranges South Australia.



  • Aggerates
  • Crusher dust
  • River pebble
  • Spalls
  • Sand
  • PM1/20, PM2/20, PM3/30 and PM2/40

Order Large Volumes Direct

If you require quarry materials and would like to order large volumes direct from the quarry please visit our Contact Page on the Augusta Quarries website.


We do not load trailers at this location.

Large Scale Jobs

For the general public looking to complete large scale jobs, please give us a call to see if we can assist with ordering product directly from quarries to keep your costs down.

Quarry Open Hours

Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm
Located at: Henderson Rd, Mambray Creek (Please enter via Leue Rd)