Take Measure!

Get your measurements right before you start your project… You wouldn’t cook a roast without setting the oven to the right temperature.

It’s the same with landscaping tasks. You’ll end up with a much better result if you take care to measure things up. And you’ll save a bunch of time and money in the process!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Someone else may have asked the same question before. That’s why we’ve compiled some responses to our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Our Weighbridge

The perfect weight equals the right price.

Our weighbridge will tell you the exact weight of your loaded materials. Drive onto the weighbridge and we will know your vehicle (and trailer) weight before we load your order.

Once you are loaded, we can calculate the total and correct amount of product for your purchase.

We calibrate and maintain our weighbridge regularly to keep it accurate and problem-free.

Did You Know?




1 cubic metre covers approximately 10sqm at 10cms
That’s a quantity for our small Tipper Truck!

Calculate Your Volume

Crunch the numbers to know how much you actually need.

Common Questions on Quantity, Measurements & Volume


How Far Does 1 Cubic Metre Go?

The coverage area of 1 cubic metre depends on the material you are going to use.   For example, 1 cubic meter of soil may cover approximately 10 square meters at a depth of 10 centimetre… but bulky mulch will have a lesser spread (Coverage) because it is a loose material.

GENERAL RULE:  1 cubic metre covers approximately 10sqm at 10cms


Will your truck fit through our gate?

Our trucks are designed to be versatile and accommodate various locations. However, please provide us with gate dimensions so we can assess whether our trucks can fit through. We strive to find a solution that works for your specific circumstances.

We have a few different trucks depending on your load.

  • 3 Tonner, 2.5m wide & 2.3m high
  • 4 tonner, 2.5m wide & 2.3m high
  • 8 Tonner, 3.0m wide & 3.2m high
  • 13 Tonner, 3.2m wide & 3.2m high

See Truck & Delivery Capacity

How much will fit in your trucks?

The capacity of our trucks varies, and it would be best to contact us with your specific needs. Our team can provide information on the maximum load volume or weight that our trucks can accommodate.

We have a few different trucks depending on your load but to help you gauge the amount, our truck fits:

  • minimum 1m3
  • maximum 13m3

I need to order more than one kind of material. Is that OK?

Absolutely! We understand that your project may require different types of materials. We are happy to assist you in ordering and delivering multiple materials to your site. Just let us know your requirements, and we will ensure all your materials are delivered together efficiently.

If you’re working on a big or unique project, you may need more than one item. As your one stop shop for landscaping, we’ve got everything you need. And we can help you figure out the most efficient way of delivering your order to you, either all at once, or at varying times if that suits you better.

Measuring for multiple products is a bit tricky, so the best way forward is to call up our friendly team who will help you find the best and most cost-effective method of delivery.